3D Scanning Positioning Targets

Messpunkte produces the highest quality 3D Scanning Positioning Targets – or target dots for 3D scanners, optical metrology, and photogrammetry systems. Made in Germany by metrologists and printing experts, these target stickers offer the best quality for handling and measurement repeatability. These targets are easy to use and have a high resolution and proprietary mat coating for optimum detection and scanning repeatability. Select the optimum target type for your Scanners and Sensors.

Elevate your scanning precision and efficiency with our cutting-edge range of 3D Scanning Positioning Targets designed to optimize your scanning workflow. Our targets are meticulously crafted with precision, employing state-of-the-art technology to ensure unparalleled accuracy in every scan. Elevate your precision, enhance your workflow, and achieve remarkable results effortlessly. Explore our collection today and unlock the potential of precision 3D scanning like never before!

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