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Scan to CAD – Accelerating Product Development & Manufacturing

V3D Technologies provides Scan to CAD Reverse Engineering services in the Greater Toronto Area and all of Ontario

Reverse Engineering process consists of creating a digital 3D model of an existing physical object by measuring or scanning it. Measuring an organic and complex object using traditional methods is often much laborious and an inaccurate way to create a 3D model. Scanning on the other hand is a much faster process that generates thousands and millions of accurate data points off an organic and complex object. These data points can then be processed in a dedicated Reverse Engineering software to generate complex surfaces and primitives to generate a new 3D CAD model of choice.

V3D Technologies will accurately scan your object and deliver precise 3D CAD model in one or more formats:

Polygonal model (Scanned Mesh)


Surface model


Parametric feature based solid model & assemblies


Hybrid CAD Model (surfaces and solids)


Transforming Physical to Digital

We own the most advanced 3D Scan-to-CAD reverse engineering tools
offering various deliverables, to help with your 3D reverse engineering projects.



Polygon Model (Scanned Mesh)

Parametric CAD Model

Deviation Analysis - CAD to Scan

More about our Reverse Engineering Services

Accuracy & Efficiency

Reverse Engineering using 3D Scanning can complete the process of creating an accurate parametric or NURBS 3D CAD model from scratch in hours, which otherwise would take weeks to be done using conventional methods with a lot higher deviation from actual.

Structured Process

Reverse Engineering is typically a 2-step process. First, scanning as much data as possible with highest accuracy. Second, using mesh-to-CAD software to process the scanned data to create NURBS CAD model or extract primitives, cross-sections, surfaces to build a parametric CAD model.

One Process, Many Applications

Apply Scan-to-CAD Reverse Engineering process to accelerate Product Design, Tool Design and Manufacturing, Additive
Manufacturing (3D Printing), Packaging Design, MRO, Aftermarket parts design and many more. Contact Us and we will find the solution you are looking for.

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