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3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, 3D Metrology, 3D LiDAR Scanning Caledon, Ontario

Welcome to V3D Technologies, offering top-tier 3D scanning services in Caledon, tailored to cater to your unique project demands! Our adept team, alongside cutting-edge technology, ensures a seamless and precise scanning experience, no matter the intricacy or scale of your project.

Recognizing the paramount importance of precision in 3D scanning, we are committed to delivering exceptional outcomes. Whether it’s scan-to-CAD reverse engineering or 3D metrology for the manufacturing industry or point cloud generation for the AEC industry, our services aim to surpass expectations by providing highly detailed, accurate, and realistic 3D models.

Our dedicated team strives to understand your project requirements thoroughly, offering personalized guidance and unwavering support throughout the scanning process. Experience the transformative potential of our 3D scanning services, unlocking fresh avenues for innovation and accuracy in your projects. Collaborate with us today and embark on a journey toward precision and innovation!

Our Services

Laser 3D Scanning Caledon

3D Scanning is the process of tri-dimensional capture of real-world objects or environments so that they can be re-modeled or analyzed in the digital world. This digital model can then be used for various purposes, including 3D printing, reverse engineering, quality inspection, and more. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced team make us the go-to choice for all your 3D scanning needs in Caledon. We can create an accurate digital model of your physical object, which can be used to create CAD models for engineering and manufacturing purposes. Our metrology-grade laser 3D scanning technology allows us to quickly and accurately inspect the quality and dimensions of your products to ensure they meet the required standards.

LiDAR 3D Scanning Caledon

With our 3D LiDAR scanner, we offer scanning of large, complex, as-built structures that help Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry professionals accelerate the documentation process of existing conditions. An accurate 3D point cloud generated with a LiDAR scanner helps create a digital twin of as-built structures which can then be used to extract accurate measurements, create a Building Information Model (BIM), update existing BIM/CAD model, or create 2D drawings.
Our unique Matterport 3D Walkthru Virtual Tour will help you and your team monitor project progress accurately and make informed decisions while reducing/eliminating time-consuming site visits.

3D Metrology Caledon

Our 3D metrology services use ISO 17025-certified laser scanner that meets VDI/VDE 2634-part 3 standard to measure and analyze the physical characteristics of your products and components, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.
Accurate 3D scan data is imported into Polyworks Inspector 3D metrology software to compute various measurements & analyses such as 3D scan to CAD deviation analysis, feature-based measurement including GD&T that follows the latest ASME & ISO standards, cross-section analysis, wall thickness analysis, surface defect analysis, and multi-piece SPC analysis to name a few.

Reverse Engineering Caledon

V3D Technologies offers accurate reverse engineering services in Caledon. The process starts by 3D scanning an organic shape or a complex part/assembly/tool which generates thousands and millions of accurate data points. Scanned data is then processed in a dedicated Reverse Engineering software where cross-sections, primitives, and complex surfaces are generated from scanned data to create a new 3D CAD model. This CAD model can then be used to analyze and optimize the design, manufacture replacement parts, or create new products based on existing designs.

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